I Made A Battenburg Cake!

I won’t go into details about the recipe because it wasn’t mine and I followed it exactly. It was written by my queen, Mary Berry, so I had faith that it would work (providing my skills were up to it). Guess what – it actually worked!

The Berry’s recipe on the pretty recipe book stand we have on a freshly polished windowsill and squeaky clean windows (which I cleaned with my own cleaner, the recipe of which can be found in a previous post)
Mid-construction. An intense procedure. I was scared to take a photo lest it would collapse when I went to get the camera, but it remained in one piece.
Then we wrapped it in marzipan. It required turning four strips of delicately joined cake glued only with jam three hundred and sixty degrees. The. Pressure. Was. Immense.
What it looks like inside. Rather fab!

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