The Apple Tree – September

I love being able to watch the way our apple tree changes colour throughout the year, so I thought I would share some pictures of it at its best, in September. We also get some pretty yummy apples from it, which means we spend the rest of the year defrosting bags of them that we cook and making crumbles or eating them with custard (excellent combination, by the way). I’ll post a recipe for apple crumble another time because I make a really rather good one, though I say so myself.

This is taken past the crab apple tree that we have. They are excellent for making jams and jellies with.
It was so lovely sitting on this rug and cutting up apples to cook and freeze. The pans are filled with water and a bit of sugar, to which you add cinnamon and cook them until they are soft.
This isn’t many of them – we have a small kitchen so some had to be left on the tree!

IMG_1606 IMG_1635


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