Summer’s Afternoons – Victoria Sponge Cake Presentation Tips

Normally I’m not so fussed about how cake looks, but I was meant to spend my afternoon revising so naturally I wanted to waste as much time as possible. Not that this takes very long.

To start with, I made two Victoria sponge cakes (I’ll do a post on how to do that another time, but it’s really very simple) and put them on a cooling rack until they were completely cool. I then got about six fresh strawberries (but these aren’t really necessary if you don’t have any to hand), the remainder of a jar of strawberry jam and some icing sugar.

Jam and icing sugar. The bottle of water in the background was just something I didn't notice.
Jam and icing sugar. The bottle of water in the background was just something I didn’t notice.

Put the cake with the most uneven top face down on a plate. You might want to do this gently or it could break, but if this happens just glue it together with some jam. When you’ve done this, smooth a layer of strawberry jam on the top of it, however much takes your fancy.


After this, put the other cake on top, as is shown below.


If you’re going to put strawberries on the plate, this is the time to do so, but make sure they are dry so that the cake doesn’t get soggy. Scatter them unevenly around the edge of the plate. This is meant to have a ‘rustic’ look so don’t be too much of a perfectionist.


Put a little of the icing sugar in a sieve, and shake it over the cake, making sure some goes on the plate and the strawberries – I don’t know how much you’ll want to put on, but try to make it even. If the strawberries are a little tart, put more icing sugar on them to make them taste sweeter.


And there you have it! One perfectly decorated cake – excellent with a cup of tea or a Pimms if you are feeling particularly mischievous/ Wimbledon is on the telly.



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