Meet Ed – This Is Where You See My Random Side

I will warn you now; Ed is a pigeon.

I know a lot of people refer to pigeons as ‘sky-rats’ but I think they are quite nice, mainly due to how laid-back and relaxed they are. Most birds freak out whenever you come near them but pigeons are so chill about it. I like them.

Anyway, this pigeon is usually moseying about the garden, and so we decided to name him (and since this was in the wake of the General Election 2k15 (I use the ‘k’ ironically, of course) we decided to name him Ed, after Ed Milliband, and also because somewhere on a beach there is a sea-gull that we named ‘Ned’ and I thought we’d better make them sound similar).

And so Ed waddled into our lives. I don’t really care how strange I sound, naming pigeons after politicians. The first time I saw him, it was when he fell out the apple tree, which I must admit was another factor in naming him Ed. But he will, I am sure, feature in a lot of pictures of the garden so you’d better know his name. 🙂


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